04 febbraio 2007

Delta Venus

Despite the fact that I've lived in Davis all my life, I was completely unaware of the music culture the city has to offer until this evening. I received a call from a friend telling me they were heading to one of the local coffee shops to listen to a friend play the saxaphone and asking if I would like to join. Naturally, I said yes. I even asked my parents to tag along.

I usually don't have time for social activities and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to catch up with an old friend and do something different. After having dinner I called my friend up and asked her where we should meet. She said that the band she initially was going to see was having an off night and it would be best if we headed to Delta Venus, a small coffee shop wedged between an AM PM and a funeral home.

Three bands were lined up to play and she thought there were be a couple of good sets. I've never really been into music - I listen to it, of course, and I know names of my favorite bands and songs, but I don't know the culture of listening and searching for the unknown bands. I also didn't know that Davis had a place like Delta Venus. I'd only been there during the day for breakfast with friends and had never taken the time to enjoy the environment that establishment had to offer.

The first band had just finished there set when I arrived. I noticed the walls were covered with unique peices of artwork, variying in style and size. After close inspection I realized some were for sale. I'd seen that at various other coffee shops around town, but never really thought about it. A small area in the back was set aside for the band; the new band was starting to set their gear up.

I asked my friend if this was a normal thing for the coffee house and she said yes. I later found out that many other establishments did the same thing by offering local bands a chance to play: G Street Pub, Cantina, Little Prauge, Borders, Cafe Roma, Bistro 33, and The Graduate.

Not only did Delta Venus offer their patrons art, good music, and great food, but they even offered the use of various boardgames. As a band called Spider Friends played a mellow rock tune a group of college students played scrabble. And it wasn't just college students. A father and his young daughter were enjoying the music and later had a noise filled game of battleship.

It was really enjoyable. I didn't realize that a place like that even existed. A place to hang out with friends, enjoy their company, and possibly discover your next favorite band or artist.

Next time I or any of my friends need to find something to do, I'll tell them that we should go check out what's happening down at Delta Venus - because right now I'm happy listening to the free CD that the Spider Friends handed out after their performance and the mocha I had definitely hit the spot.

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