05 agosto 2009

South Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe, Nevada California - When I think about South Lake Tahoe, I think bright lights, expensive casino entertainment, and those annoying electronic gaming sounds. But there's another side to South Lake Tahoe that some people might miss, a side closely related to the easy going North Shore.

Yesterday, my friend and I arrived at the Embassy Suites in South Lake Tahoe, situated right on the stateline next to Harrah's Casino. We enjoyed some cocktails (compliments of the hotel) and after a short bike ride to the shore, enjoyed the views of the Lake.

We decided that it was necessary to enjoy the lake during the day - and forget any cheesy flashing lights, free cocktails at the slots, and overpriced food! How can one even think of casinos and fast city life when there's this to enjoy.

So today, we took our bikes down to the shore, away from Nevada and to Timber Cove Marina at the public beach behind the Best Western. Despite the windy environment we braved the wrath of lake by renting a Kayak from Kayak Tahoe, a small rental place on the boardwalk where life-vests hang to dry just outside the door - a sure sign that many use their services. The place was friendly and helpful and one of the few places that on the South Shore that offers paddle surfing, a new fun water sport. Because of the wind, we could only venture on the kayak, but that was fun enough. If you are experienced with kayaking, Kayak Tahoe is the place to rent from and receive a free car rack in order to take your kayak to your destination of choice - South Shore or even Emerald Bay (a great spot to enjoy the water).

After a quick overview of how to hold the paddle properly, make effective paddle strokes, and keep the kayak from flipping, we were on our way - paddling furiously against the wind (what a work out!). But the wind died down and it was so pleasant to paddle out on the lake, along side the many geese, and enjoy the clear water. It was definitely hard work and after an hour, we were ready for lunch.

Fortunately, right next to Kayak Tahoe is Blue Water Bistro - a lovely restaurant on the boardwalk that offers excellent cuisine at reasonable prices and a lovely view of the lake. With a full bar, cocktail hour, and cuisine featuring regional ingredients its the perfect way to end a day at the lake. They offer seafood, steak, vegetarian, and vegan options. I recommend the Catfish Sandwich for lunch.

Now it's time to pack up the bikes and head on 89 towards North Lake Tahoe and Granlibakken Ski & Raquet Resort.

Until BBQ-time, travel on.

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