24 settembre 2008

Sono un italiano, un italiano vero!

Gentilissima Sig.na Castaneda

In data 23 settembre 2008 sono terminati i lavori della Commissione incaricata di valutare le domande pervenute per l’ammissione ai corsi previsti dalle Borse di Studio per la Formazione Professionale “Mario Olla”, anno 2008/2009.

In tale seduta la Commissione ha deciso di accogliere positivamente la sua domanda.

La invito pertanto a trasmettere la sua accettazione al corso, entro e non oltre il 30/09/2008 sottoscrivendo la presente lettera nello spazio previsto.

La informo che il Centro Diffusione Imprenditoriale della Toscana (CEDIT) si metterà quanto prima in diretto contatto con lei, per tutte le comunicazioni inerenti al corso stesso ed a tutti gli ulteriori aspetti organizzativi del suo viaggio e del suo soggiorno. I corsi inizieranno, indicativamente, i primi giorni di dicembre.

Resto pertanto in attesa di ricevere urgentemente la presente lettera, da lei controfirmata e per via fax, e le invio i miei migliori saluti.

Yes, it is official! I am going to Italy! Althought I am using exclamation marks, the excitement I should be feeling hasn't really hit yet. I suppose it just hasn't quite hit me yet.

However, it is super nice to finally know. Now I can actually plan accordingly. And since the dates for the course is December first as opposed to the beginning of November, my plans are going to change. I'm dropping my tutoring course and picking up the full 3 units of Art 106 instead of the 2 unit special problems course. More paperwork. Ugh.

It's nice, though, going later. Means I can finish up the graduate school applications and prepare for the GRE. The extra month is great! I just feel like I have so many things to do. Get a visa, finish applications, finish my classes, figure out all the details of the trip (which I will probably be informed about at the last minute in true Italian fashion), study for the GRE, take the GRE (o.0;;;;; GAH!), and a bunch of other things including socializing and trying to not freak out.

In the fun center (not that all this Italy talk isn't fun), but in other fun news, I am working on a short fim for the Art History Club Halloween Party (which has yet to be totally named). Making posters on Friday (maybe) and then working on a script and stuff so we can plan.

This weekend is going to be packed! Maybe that's why I'm anxious. Tournament this weekend, but I am missing Saturday to go into SF with the Art History Club to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the SFMoMA. Sunday I have games in the morning and hopefully in the afternoon (go team go!) followed by a Chapter meeting in the evening (if I can make it anyways).

I'm going to miss out on my yey relaxing kick the soccer ball day this Sunday. This makes me very sad. I had a lot of fun last Sunday. And what makes me even sadder is the fact that I may not even get to play on the team. The season starts in January and I won't be back in the States until March. I was so stoked to have a uniform (Racing Club style) with the number 10 or 11 too!!!! Kinda made me all excited to be on a team again with my number and stuff. It's possible I am more sad since I looked a some of the news reports from Quinnipiac and saw the new rookie wearing my number (apparently she's crazy nasty, so at least yey for representing #11). Regrets really suck. A lot. Heh.

On a happier note - I'm going to Italy (!!!). I definitely need to be more excited. I suppose I just have a lot of things on my mind as usual. Bah!


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