23 ottobre 2008

Italia, Vengo!

Ciao a tutti.

Vi comunico che l’appartamento dove soggiornerete è in Via Zeffirini, 1 (4° piano) Firenze (zona Viale Corsica – non lontano dall’aeroporto).

Nominativo sul campanello: Degl’Innocenti.

Woot! So I have an apartment in Florence! I'm so stoked. At first I wasn't as excited about Italy as I felt I needed to be. But with this news as well as the plans to get my Visa, I feel that everything is falling in place. I think it's finally hitting me.

Earlier this week I was pretty down. But now I feel so much better. Last night really picked me up, especially after working on the panel. I haven't had that much fun in a long time.

I still have so much to do before I leave, but I'm excited to know that things are a little more organized on the Italian end than the last time I went through the program. So - sweeeeeeet!

Time to head to class.

Oh. And I gave in - I returned to ansi.

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