07 dicembre 2008


So I made it. I am alive and really busy.

I got here on Monday and everything has been going great! I have three roommates:

Renata from Brazil
Melissa from Argentina
And Ignacio from Venezuela.

We have a sweet apartment and I can see the top of the Duomo from the balcony, so it's pretty rad. We started language classes today and things have been going smoothly. Plus I finished all my work for CSUS! Yey! All I need to do is return and make sure they give me my second BA. Hahaha.

Classes are pretty easy, but I'm having trouble speaking Italian, since all I here is Spanish, Portuguese and Italian at the house. On occasion English too. Since i understand everything I get all mixed up and lately I've found it difficult to even speak in English, I keep forgetting simple words in English and instead I say them in Spanish. Oh well, hopefully with the spanish and portuguese lessons that I'm getting from the others I'll be able to distinguish all the languages soon enough.

I met the lady who is going to be my boss the other day. She runs a studio that does restoration. Since I know absolutely nothing, it's kinda of crazy, but I don't start work until next month, so hopefully I can get some books to read so I don't feel like a complete idiot, afterall I'm here to learn. Crazy though, she's ding restoration on things in the Uffizi and I get to watch her work, so it's pretty awesome.

There are four other people in the program. Sabrina (Brazil), Mariane (Brazil), Lindsey (USA), and Florencia (Argentina). And we all get along really well so it's great. Today we went as a group to tour the Duomo, Baptistry, and Santa Croce. But we couldn't go up the Campanile or to the Duomo, so we're going tomorrow. And if possible, we'll be hitting up the Accademia also.

We did go to the Museum of the Duomo, which was cool, since some of the plates of the real Gates of Paradise are on display there. Plus the Zuccone of Donatello and Donatello's Mary Magdalene in wood. Pretty awesome.

When we went to Santa Croce I had a great time. Plus it was just awesome to see everything there.

Ooo! Ignacio Melissa and I went out last night to the club. A place called Twice. Apparently when I'm tipsy I speak spanish really really well. Plus italian if I have to. Hahaha. Maybe I can learn portuguese too!

Anyways, I better get going. I plan to keep updating, but you never know. I posted photos on facebook so go check it out!

PS: Facebook people, beware of the virus that is going around the claims that your in a video. Don't click the link!

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