09 luglio 2009

Testing the waters

So ever since I acquired my new iPod Touch, who I have lovingly named Paolo, I have spent little time doing anything but playing with Paolo (get your mind out of the gutter, I am not that kind of girl). And because of this torrid love affair, I have decided to get an appropriate app in order to blog with Paolo, forever ignoring Francesca.

That's right! You haven't met Francesca. She's my new shiny MacBook that the insurance paid for after Pascal (my old Mac) was so rudely stolen from my mother's motored vehicle. Along with her laptop, our iPods, various technological gadgetry, not too mention my blue Italia 'T'.

The bastards.

So Paolo and Francesca are my new favorite tech-gizmos along with my new yet-to-be-named Kodak pocket video camera. Suggestions? All I can say is that I am leaning towards an Italian name - preferably a historical figure or literary giant.

By the way, major intellectual-awesomeness points to those of you who squealed at the Dantesch naming of my tech-devices. Ooooo perhaps I shall name the video camera *drumroll* Dante - I can feel Minos' tail curling around me in support of this possible naming. Again I pass out the awesomeness points.

Anyways. I am just checking to see if this 2 buck chuck of an app works and was worth the loss of my daily bottle of wine with dinner tonight in order to splurge on my sexy looking Paolo.




In other news and in keeping with - "hey what has been happening in your life" - I am back from Italy (you know, in case you hadn't caught on). It was amazing! I ended up working for Cellini S.rl. Restoration firm and learned a lot about cleaning marble, restoring marble, and painting marble, and also cleaning stained glass windows. I saw and did some cool stuff in the Gondi Chapel of Santa Maria Novella & in the Cappelle dei Principe in the Cappelle Medici. So tightness.

Traveled Europe - realized my goal is to live in Italy some day, was waitlisted at Georgetown and subsequently told that there were no openings. That's the short version :D

I'm tutoring, coaching, as per usual and filling out more grad school applications and trying to keep my brain stimulated. Oh - and trying to find a J.O.B. which hasn't been too successful (thank goodness for living at home and having loving parents).

AND! I am returning to Italy for a 10 day tour of chaperoning high schoolers and visiting old friends. So yes, life is awesome! I leave on Monday - THUS the reason for 'testing the waters.' I will attempt to update while abroad, but we will see how that works.

Until next time. Hopefully from from Italy.

Blog on.

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