20 luglio 2009

Assisi, Italia

Assisi, Italia - I am sad to have left Firenze, but our adventure forces us to continue south towards Lazio and Roma. Today our travels take us off our path for a moment and east for an excursion in the city of Assisi, home of St. Francis.

I trully love this town and its regional food. After our pilgrimage to the Basilica (a World Heritage Site), our small contingent moved up the hill in search of food. We stopped on the way at a small religious store and found an exquisite Chalice set as a replacement for the one that broke at school. We lingered for awhile, examining the Assisi stitch. The thing I love about this town and about Italy in general as that there is beauty to be found around every corner. Even as I waited for the others across the narrow street, I enjoyed the beauty around me.

Once we arrived at one of the main squares in front of Santa Maria sopra Minerva, I parted ways - settling myself here at the nearby fountain to wait for Rebecca. Santa Maria sopra Minerva is a unique and beautiful baroque church that incorporates the original classical façade of a Roman temple dedicated to Minerva. It is gems like this that makes this town so beautiful. The various basilicas and churches in this medieval hill town are beautiful and the towers and castles that rise above the hill tops add to its magic.

For now I will sit here and enjoy the Umbrian air and my Panino as I wait for Rebecca. Oh how I love italy.

Pax et bonum, and travel on.

Rebecca and I

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