12 luglio 2009

Randomness, adjusting, and blogging

Friend A: "I want to go to New Zealand before I die."
Friend B: "You will go before you die"
Friend A: "I just have to go so I can go running through the grass and stuff."
Friend C: "It's your birthday you can go for free!!!!"
Friend A&B: "What the... Huh?"
Friend C: "Disneyland. "
Friend A&B: "Um ----- We're talking about New Zealand. "
Friend C: "Oh I don't know if they let you go free on your birthhday, nevermind. "

I am easily entertained by my friends and misunderstood conversation.

I keep talking about starting a blog. Yes this is a blog. However, I am not speaking of a personal blog, but a blog in which more than the author knows the URL. In other words - a blog other people actually read.

My friends say I should just narrate my travel adventures and give tips as what to see and not see while traveling abroad in Europe - or tips on obtaining Visas and finding housing should one wish to remain abroad for an extended period of time (oh how I want to do that). I think this is a wise choice and I plan to focus on the places I most enjoy seeing. AKA places in Italy.

I have a feeling the focus will be on travel adventures and mishaps.

So until then (hopefully later this evening), blog on.

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