16 luglio 2009

Verona, Italia

Verona, Italia - It was sad to pack up our bags and leave Desenzano this morning, but everyone is anxiously awaiting our evening arrival in Firenze. I said my goodbye by taking an early morning jog along the lake, through the streets and to the park where I enjoyed a Profile photo moment (see: below). But we had to bid farewell to that lovely town and make our way south to Firenze.

Our first stop today is in Verona, where I sit on one of the marbled seats in the third largest Roman amphitheatre in Italy. It's absolutely impressive what one can see from this vantage point. I can only imagine what it must have been like, the arena full of people chanting, cheering, and jeering as gladiators, animals, and prisoners battled below. The theatrical events must have been extraordinary.

The arena still remains in use today for various public events - from where I sit I can see various workers preparing the stage for this evening's open-aired opera performance of Aida. If only we could stay for that. But we will soon be moving along to our next stop on our way to Firenze, Mantova. But first we'll take a quick visit to the fruit market in town and the tombs of Cangrande.


Time to leave the Veneto and continue to Mantova. Until lunch, travel on.

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