19 luglio 2009

Firenze, Italia

Siena & San Gimignano Firenze, Italia - Today the group headed to Siena and then had a lovely Tuscan lunch before enjoying the towered hill town of San Gimignano. Because of extenuating circumstances and an unforseen need to go to Santa Maria Nuova with one of the girls, we remained in Firenze and enjoyed a lovely lunch, a relaxing day in the hotel, and a bus trip up to Piazzale San Michelangelo to enjoy an evening mass and a breathtaking view of the city.

I did get a chance to walk around Santa Maria Novella, but not to go inside. I had hoped to visit inside and see the Gondi chapel unveiled - it would have been really nice to see all of that restoration work completed. I also wanted to go into the Cappelle Medici, but alas time was not on my side. My next visit (hopefully in the Spring), I will get a chance to re explore Firenze and enjoy it the way I did earlier this year.

This evening I enjoyed dinner with a couple of the girls at Salamanca (oh the memories!) and on the way back to the hotel we stopped for some gelato as we strolled the streets on our last evening in my beloved Firenze. Tomorrow morning we pack up the bus and head south to Rome with an afternoon stop in Assisi, where I plan to visit with an old high school friend. I am extremely excited.

Until Assisi, travel on.

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