15 luglio 2009

Desenzano, Italia

Desenzano, Italia - After practically a full day of travel, we have finally arrived in Italy. It is absolutely magical.

Our first stop after arriving in Milan, is a small town on the South end of Lake Garda called Desenzano. We arrived in time to settle into our luxurious rooms at the Hotel Vittorio and enjoy the view of the lake from our balconies before walking to our first Italian dinner at a beautiful restaurant overlooking the lake.

Everyone is absolutely excited. I woke up this morning to a view of the sun painting its beams across the water to create a beautiful picture. I can tell everyone is absolutely thrilled to be here. Most everyone has woken up early to enjoy this magical place before breakfast and our full day in Venice.

I only wish we could spend more time here in Desenzano. It's a small quiet town, a place of relaxation and vacation, nestled just at the foot of the alps - the sweet smells from the nearby cafes makes me feel at home. And the locals who wake early to enjoy a beautiful jog along the lake make this far away place seem even more enticing. With the various boutiques and shops hidden away among the narrow streets, it's charming to be rid of noisy traffic and large cars and only contend against other pedestrians and the occasional cyclist.

For now while I wait for breakfast time, I will be content to sit along this stone pier and watch as everyone prepares for the day - fishermen on their boats, locals walking their beloved dogd, and geese cleaning their plumes before the sun fully reaches its peak.

Until this evening, travel on.

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