15 luglio 2009

Venezia, Italia

Venezia, Italia - Breakfast was lovely and satisfying. We finally made it to La Serenissima. It's beautiful, just as I remember from February (with less costumes and chaos), but still absolutely breathtaking.

Our first stop in Venice was a Murano glass blowing demonstration, which was very cool to watch and not to mention extremely hot. My favorite part of the demonstration had to be the dancing glasses, that even if they tip over they right themselves.

Right now, I'm sitting at the base of San Marco, looking out onto the square and waiting for the others. I love the architecture and ambiance of this place, romantic, mysterious, and absolutely magical.

Later I plan to explore the various
calles and canals of this beautiful place, with stops at the Rialto, i Frari, and one of the oldest lace making schools. It's nice to see less people crowding the narrow and secretive streets than during Carnivale. It's a different Venice. Just as magical, just as surprising, just as beautiful, but a little less masked.

But I have the entire day to explore - and I can't wait.

Until next time, travel on.

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