09 agosto 2007

Ritornare alla realtà

It's incredible what can happen in a month. In so many ways, I feel like a completely different person; I can only hope that I've changed for the better. The month I spent in Italy was by far one of the best experiences I've had in my life. I met some incredible people and I realized a lot of things about myself. And as I said before, I met some incredible people. It's pretty wild really. I had to go to Europe to meet someone that literally lives two minutes from me. I'm going to be seeing one of my new friends in a few days down in Tahoe. And hopefully in a year, I'll be in South Africa visiting a few others. It's really cool.

When I was in Siena in 2001 I didn't keep in touch like I have now. I know that technology makes it far simpler for us to keep in contact than before. But it makes me sad. I look at all the pictures I took from that trip and the t-shirt I had everyone sign, and I really regret not keeping in touch with those people because they were just as incredible and that trip also changed me and shaped me into the person I am today. I only hope that from now on I don't ever lose contact with the people I meet and connect with, you can really learn a lot from people - not only about them, but also about yourself.

I was able to focus on my flaws and hopefully try to improve myself for the better. It was a month of reflection really - that's not to say I didn't do my fair share of partying. The truth is, I did party a lot. I think I made up for all the times I wasn't able to go out this past year. It's funny being back now really. My days are far more mellow than they were when I was in Viareggio. But it's probably for the best that I'm taking it easy. Looking at my schedules for work, class, and APhiO, it looks like my life will be extremely hectic.

I'm planning on taking 18 units this semester, which is one less than what I took the past two semesters. And none of the classes I'm taking are exactly 'easy.' To be honest I think I don't have one easy class. Four classes are art history, which means I'll be making my fingers bleed this semester with all the papers I'll have type. And one class is a historical research class that will focus on writing a thesis. Possibly my easiest class will be my advance Italian conversation course.

Actually now that I think about it. There's a very good chance that I might be taking 19 units. I forgot that I'll probably be doing a Italian tutoring like I did last semester - hopefully there will be more tutoring than before, or at least more Italian spoken. I really don't want to lose the language. I should be far more proficient than I am considering I've been studying the language since I was 14. That's nine years.

One thing I did realize was that I have a bunch of amazing friends, who are all very different yet extremely cool. So I'm hoping despite the inevitable stress I'll be feeling starting in September, they'll be able to keep me sane. Between the APhiO gang and their craziness, the art history cult, the movie night gang, and my Davis friends - I'm sure I'll have some semblance of a social life.

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