13 agosto 2007

Tempi Buoni

I've just been made aware of a crime that I have been committing over the past several years. Namely my absolute neglect to visit Tahoe on a regular basis. There's no excuse at all. It's a short 2 hour drive from my house - an extremely scenic drive regardless if you take 80 or 50. It's a shame really. I'm surprised that my family doesn't make more day trips up here. It's absolutely gorgeous, it's a short trip, and there's plenty to do in the area. As a camping family, there really is no excuse.

So far I've been having a fabulous time visiting with Cristiana and her family and friends. It really makes me wish I would visit El Salvador more often. Whenever I'm down there every household is packed full of people and there's so much stuff going on. There's so much stuff going on here - and I think it's absolutely fabulous.

I must admit that I'm glad that my family got a chance to hang out last night. It was great to see my brother. And it amazes me that we went out on the town (past 10pm no less). Tapa The World proved to be a great choice to go eat and have drinks. I wouldn't have minded checking out the hooka bar next door, but unfortunately that wasn't really an option.

It was, however, nice to talk to my brother and catch up with him. I wish we talked more, and it's a shame we don't see each other more often. It's only an hour and half drive between us. Hopefully this semester we'll get a chance to hang out more. I wouldn't mind hitting up the clubs and listening to some House music in the bay area. Diego was telling me that the House scene is pretty good.

But I really should be honest with myself. With the course load I'm taking this semester I highly doubt I'll have much a social life. I just registered for two more classes today, bringing me to 21 units. I'm pretty sure I'll be dropping the FACS 150 class - unless my Italian teach pulls through, in which case I'll drop IT 103 and just audit the class for the semester. So with 19 units, keeping up with APhiO stuff (at least to keep my active), and coaching - I really don't think I'll have much time for anything.

Now I just need to get this Labor Day party planned out and everything.

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