14 agosto 2007

Pazzo ma contenta

What a busy weekend! But what fun weekend. Had the chance to head up to Tahoe and visit my friend Cristiana, which as I mentioned before was pretty awesome. It was nice to go rafting and just hang out - just the relaxing couple days I needed. That's not to say that I've been extremely busy, I just haven't had the chance to truly relax since I've returned from Italy.

It was a bit of a slap in the face to have to drive back for work. But I can't complain, I have the sweetest job ever. I get paid to play soccer, it doesn't get much better than that. It was nice playing, but I'm starting to realize that I really need to keep myself in check. There are times when my patience runs thin with the girls - and I really think I need to plan out a talk with them about there lack of focus during practice.

Today was pretty hectic. Helped my mom clean out her classroom for the first half of the day. Moving all the books and boxes from classroom to classroom made me realize that my arms were still tired from rafting yesterday.

Arrived home and started on the project that is organizing my room. I realized after many failed attempts at organizing my books that I needed more shelf-space. Lugged some bookshelves from one of the storage closets and proceeded to play musical-furniture in my room. It's probably a good thing that the satellite cables restrict the movement of my TV, otherwise I would have spent a good 5 hours moving my bed, sound system, desk, tv, and three bookshelves around. Sigh, I really wish I could though - it'd be a sweet set up. Heh.

Organized the majority of my books though, with a good deal of shelf space left for more books - can you say book shopping? I just needed to organize my art supplies now, which will be interesting; I'm having trouble finding space for my easel. Once that's done all that will be left is to reorganize my entertainment area and sell off all my gaming equipment that I don't use (DDR sounds fun right now - huh).

Took a break around 7 to ride my bike to the store. Picked up a few things I needed before doing some computer updating. I've Italian-fied my entire laptop. It's actually pretty cool. I'm definitely brushing up on my computer vocabulary. And then being the nerd I am I started changing all my preferences - so now I have a nice pink desktop with a groovy matching pink Trillian skin. Then I started thinking about Italy and lo and behold I'm browsing Google Earth and marking points all over Viareggio and the rest of Tuscany.

Tomorrow should prove just as busy as today. Another day filled with doing grunt work for my mother followed by gelato and then work.

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am. Hah.

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